Hemp oil

Been on lots of painkillers with not much helping but I’m surprised that this is helping a little. Normally would need Morphine to top the pain patches.

Amazon Customer – 10 November 2018

Does what it says brilliant

Purchased this and was quite sceptical if it would actually work. I am very impressed, take twice a day and the pain relief that it has given me is fantastic also a very good mood lifter will definitely be buying again.

Amazon Customer – 28 November 2018

Back to my old self

I am a natural sceptic so I have been genuinely blown away by the results of the hemp extract. On the first day I thought maybe my brain was filling me but I am still virtually pain free after 4 days. I have been able to walk and stand unaided for more than two hours which I couldn’t do before. I only get a twinge of pain in my knees when I over step myself in my enthusiasm to be back to my old self after ten years of a downhill decline in my osteoarthritis.

Amazon Customer – 14 January 2019

Really helpful

I have used this for the past 3 days. I found the instructions really helpful. I was sceptical having used a high street brand previously, to little effect. However, I was really surprised that it was effective very quickly. The pain in my left knee is so much better. I have discovered that taking a few drops in water and drinking it before I go to sleep has stopped me waking during the night with a terrible ache in my knee.

Amazon Customer – 14 December 2018

Excellent product and customer service

Great product, very high quality. The oil had a nice taste and helps me relieve pain and stress. Excellent customer service, very helpful, kind and fast reply.

Amazon Customer – 6 December 2018

Something that Works

Husband suffers PTSD. Every eve he has half dropper, it calms and relaxes him. Well worth the money.

Amazon Customer – 6 April 2019

It works and is what it says it is unlike others

One of the better products available for a good price, noticed a drastic reduction in pain within a few minutes of taking definitely would recommend.

Amazon Customer – 19 October 2018

Works fast

I only started the drops three days ago and today I’ve taken no painkillers. As a 71 year old with a disabled husband I can’t say how much better I feel. My husband had tried them as well and he says the edge has gone off his joint pain.

Amazon Customer – 25 November 2018


So I bought this for my mother who had broken two of her vertebrae through osteoporosis. Various drugs and pain killers, after leaving hospital, left her in a zombie like state and had side effects. Acupuncture had little effect and although physio helps enormously it is a healing process and she still needed some sort of pain management.

An hour or so after taking this she felt the effects. It’s not a miracle cure but it has been a great help.

Amazon Customer – 27 April 2019

Fantastic product !

I am most impressed at the effectiveness of this product. I am an 80 year old arthritis sufferer and have been wracked with pain, until now that is. At first I couldn’t believe it but after a few doses I knew that it really is working! Definitely worth trying! I sleep at night now instead of pacing around in agony!

Amazon Customer – 10 March 2019

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